EC 32 - inc 25l diesel - £190

EC 55 - inc 39l diesel- £205

(Summer offer - Half price May to Aug )

Marquee diesel marquee heaters enable you to have a marquee party at any time of the year regardless of the weather conditions. thermostatically controlled from inside the Party Tent or Marquee set the internal temperature in the same way as your home central heating.

Each heater is 28kw or 51kw so is ideal for any of our Party Tents or Marquees. It the equivalent of having 28 or 51- 1kw electric fan heaters on simultaneously.

The key feature to note is we only supply marquee heaters also known as indrect heaters which means that they sit outside them marquee and vent all exhaust gases away. The hot clean air is blown inside via ducting . The heater works with a large heat exchanger so the air is 100% clean.

  • Clean, immediate and economical heat for all uses
  • Heat exchanger with flue to expel fumes
  • Thermal efficiency of 89%
  • Simple to use control panel
  • Fuel type: red diesel
  • 42 / 65 litre tank (Aprox 15 hours on full burn)
  • Fuel consumption 2.7 / 4.6 litre per hour


EC32 Specification.

  • Marquee Heater Dimensions 1215mm x 440mm x 670mm
  • Marquee Heater Weight 48 Kg
  • Marquee Heater Heating Capacity 29 kW
  • Heat Efficiency 84.6 %
  • Air Flow 1,150 m³/h
  • Fuel Consumption 2.7 l/Hr
  • Tank Capacity 42 Litres
  • Electrical Power 370 Watts

EC55 Specification.

  • Marquee Heater Dimensions 1435mm x 555mm x 940mm
  • Marquee Heater Weight 81 Kg
  • Marquee Heater Heating Capacity 51 kW
  • Heat Efficiency 89.5 %
  • Air Flow 2,500 m³/h
  • Fuel Consumption 4.64 l/Hr
  • Tank Capacity 65 Litres
  • Electrical Power 850 Watts